Get the text from a CRM option list through it's value

When you retrieve a record from CRM and one of the fields is a so called option set you might have noticed that only the numeric value is available.

With lookup fields (entity references) you can get the Id and Name directly but with option sets that doesn't work. I've seen lots of ways to retrieve the text via a value but this one I wanted to share with you because it is simple and straight forward.

First I create two methods in my Utils class:

public class Utils
    private static OptionMetadataCollection GetOptionSet(string entityName, string fieldName, IOrganizationService service, bool excludeNull)
        var attReq = new RetrieveAttributeRequest();
        attReq.EntityLogicalName = entityName;
        attReq.LogicalName = fieldName;
        attReq.RetrieveAsIfPublished = true;

        var attResponse = (RetrieveAttributeResponse)service.Execute(attReq);
        var attMetadata = (EnumAttributeMetadata)attResponse.AttributeMetadata;

        var optionList = attMetadata.OptionSet.Options;
        return optionList;

    public static Dictionary<int, string> GetOptionSet(string entityName, string fieldName, IOrganizationService service)
        var optionSet = GetOptionSet(entityName, fieldName, service, true);
        var optionList = optionSet.Where(o => o.Value != null)
        .Select(o => new { key = (int)o.Value, text = o.Label.UserLocalizedLabel.Label }).ToDictionary(k => k.key, t => t.text);

        if (!optionList.Any()) optionList.Add(0, null);
        return optionList;

As you can see GetOptionSet("new_entityname", "new_optionlist", CrmService) retrieves all the values from a certain option list and puts them in a dictionary. In the second line you can see how to retrieve the text from the dictionary via the value that was available.

var optionList = Utils.GetOptionSet("new_entityname", "new_optionlist", CrmService); 
var optionText = optionList[OptionValue];

I think this is a nice and simple approach to this problem and works for both global and individual option sets.

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