Multiple keyword search with a LINQ query using the CRM API

One of my customers wanted a simple web service to access CRM data from a web portal he was creating. The normal CRM API was to complex for this so we decided to make a WCF service that connected to CRM via the CRM API. One of the functions he wanted was a multiple keyword search.

var searchfrase = "hebbink com";
var keywords = searchfrase.Split(' ');
var query = AccountSet;

foreach (var x in keywords)
    query = query.Where(a => (a.AccountNumber.Contains(x) || a.Name.Contains(x)));

var accounts = query.ToList();

foreach (var account in accounts)
    Console.Write(account.Name + Environment.NewLine);

Just run this piece of code in LINQPad for CRM as a C# Statement and you will get the following result:

Works like a charm :-)

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