CRM Solution Manager - A must have tool for CRM developers

When I started as a CRM developer I used to make changes to JavaScript, went to the form editor of the entity concerned, clicked form properties, opened up the JavaScript, pasted the changed code, clicked save and publish and the went back to my browser to refresh the page and see if the change was working.

You can imagine that if you keep doing this months on end you will get RSI for sure!

Then one day a colleague of mine showed me the CRM Solution Manager which integrates nicely into Visual Studio. With that tool you can make changes to your JavaScript, right click on the file and choose "Publish JavaScript file to CRM"

Wow, that saves me about 10 clicks per change so that makes me very happy!

The tool does a lot more, for example you can registrar plugins, create/edit/publish all types of web resources, change the sitemap, create proxy classes and so on.

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  • Razvan

    12/4/2015 8:32:23 PM |

    I like that tool but it does cost money after the trial.  I don't know of a better way to do plugin updates, but for just web resource updates I like to use a tool called ScriptEase ( which automatically updates a specified organization whenever you save changes to a javascript file.... so that makes it a little bit easier to switch from writing your web resources to viewing them in the browser.
    Anyways good blog.

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